The Struggle of Being a Stay Home Mom | Member’s Testimonial


Growing up, I would often question myself why my own mother chose the path of becoming a housewife. I compared her to the working mothers of my classmates. Yes, many were successful as doctors or lawyers. Deep down inside, I secretly envied them because I wanted to become just like them – a successful career woman. I often wondered how life would be like if she decided to put her career first. You see, she sacrificed her career as a nurse soon after she settled down with my father whom she met in Saudi Arabia. When I came into the picture, I spent a bit of time with my mom until we joined my father who was already working overseas. My dad became the breadwinner of the family and we lived a quite simple life even though we spent most of our life abroad.

Now that I’m a full-time mom, it’s difficult to leave my 18-month old son in the full-time care of our all-around helper. It’s not that I don’t trust her, but she has so many responsibilities on her hands and she has so many things to accomplish within the day. I don’t think I can survive without her since my parents are still based outside of the country– though they do visit from time to time. I don’t leave the house unless I have to run errands or do something very important, and I can’t be out for a long time. I tell you it’s not easy. There are so many sacrifices that a mother must make. Some have chosen to return to their jobs as they also have to contribute to the financial income, leaving their little one under the care of the nanny or a close relative.

At this point, I’ve decided to turn my back on job opportunities in the education sector and focus all my extra energy on freelance writing especially with The flexibility gives me more time to spend with my son and take care of the household duties since my husband is often away for work. Though I may not earn as much as I used to, I also don’t spend as much as I used to. By staying home, it gives me less exposure to temptations (like shopping!). I’ve learned it’s all about setting my family’s priorities first and choosing the needs over the wants. Also, it makes me happy without having to be stuck in traffic on the road with the rest of the office-based working class. By working with an extraordinary team of other writers and editors, I am able to learn a lot from a lot of wonderful people who are hardworking, patient and most important of all, compassionate.


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I now understand why my mom sacrificed her career to take care of me and my sister. She shifted all of her priorities for us instead of focusing on herself. She turned towards us and responded to all of our needs. Thanks to her we didn’t grow up as spoiled brats. It was her love for us that we were raised in a nurturing home. One day, I hope that my son and any little ones that may come along will soon understand why I choose to stay at home with them. I feel that I am extremely blessed that I get to spend my time with my son everyday and at the same time, continue to learn and contribute as a freelance writer.



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