The Perks of Being a Freelance Writer | Member’s Testimonial


I’ve nothing against 9-5 jobs. They’re necessary to make the society a living, breathing and functioning organism. However, being a 20 something woman who is just hungry for new experiences, I feel like I can’t exactly follow that drift…yet. I already graduated from university two years ago and I’ve also tried different jobs from when I was still a student. The longest I’ve stayed in a company was a year and that was pretty tough. It was full of challenges but I learned a lot of things about other people and myself through that experience. Then, I started taking my Masters and I felt like I don’t have much time to do my hobbies anymore or any other activities, for that matter. I had work from Monday-Friday and I had to go to school every Saturday. I had Sundays off but that was mostly spent sleeping.

I wanted more time and gave me the solution. They gave me an opportunity to work as a freelancer where I can control my own time and income. For a procrastinator like me, it definitely took a while adjusting to this new environment, but working with creative and motivated people encouraged me to do the same.

Below are some of the perks of working as a freelancer:

Learning to Motivate Oneself

In everything we do, motivation is the key. One of the challenges of workers is how to be motivated and to stay that way. In, you’re encouraged to be self-motivated. If you don’t push yourself to do your projects, you will end up unproductive.

Learning New Things

We get a variety of projects here at Sometimes we get projects that are out of my comfort zone but once I click that “Start Project” button, I know I have to finish the task no matter what. So what do I do? Research, research, research. The internet has become my best friend because of this. At times, I spend hours reading and rereading information that would help me in my task. When I eventually finish the task, I come out armed with new learnings.

Learning from Others

I also work as an editor and going through the works of other writers helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses people commonly have in writing. I have read works from various types of writers and there are writers that are outstanding in whatever task they get. They really amaze me and inspire me to be like them. And because I’m working in close proximity with people who started, I can attest to their dedication to improve what they built.

Learning to Be Positive and Appreciative

In any type of job, there are certainly times when you feel like everything is just not working out. Same goes for freelancing. So I celebrate the little things. Whenever there are small accomplishments, I do my best to appreciate the effort that was put into them. From my past experiences in my previous jobs, looking at things in a negative perspective really doesn’t help. I learned that mistakes and failures are just setbacks and I’m not supposed to dwell in them. Instead, I look at them as learning experiences that would help me improve.

Learning to Manage Time

This has always been my weakness and I may never be able to master this art. I have confessed to being a procrastinator earlier but maybe I’m not a hopeless case. Working freelance helped me slowly get the hang of managing time wisely. I don’t have a boss but I have deadlines. Working on projects with different deadlines taught me how to prioritize my tasks.

One more thing, since I control my own time I can do what I want. I can travel, go to school and even get another job. No one’s stopping me to do whatever I’m passionate about. If there’s something that working as a freelancer has given me, it’s the sense of freedom that I’ve always wanted. So how about giving it a try?




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