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Time wasted is money wasted. I got a lot of spare time and I have found the best way to spend them!

Hi! My name is Welnee Asoy. I’m currently working as Software QA Engineer. I decided to join last July 2015 as a part-time writer because I was looking for extra income. At First I thought it would be hard for me to grab a project and be able to complete it on the scheduled date. But soon, I realized that it is a very doable job. I can get to work on my own time and at my own phase. No one is pressuring me to grab a project and finish it as soon as possible. I also have the power to choose whatever project I want to work on. gives me the opportunity to :


Experience working without a boss

I work on my own. No one is telling me what to do and when to finish my job. There’s no pressure for I can work anytime and anywhere I want.


Earn extra income

Now, I’m already receiving payment every 15th and 30th of the month for the projects I completed. The payment that you will receive will always depend on how fast and how active you are in grabbing projects placed in the project pool. For my part, I always try to grab at least 3-4 projects in a week and sometimes more when I’m not so busy. I work after office hours or during weekends.


Work with great people

It’s easy to communicate with the team when I encounter issues with my projects or with the site. They also readily assist me every time I have some clarifications with the projects I work on. They respond to every concern immediately. So far, I’m having a great experience with


Learn More

In every project I write, I receive feedback from the editors which is very helpful in enhancing my skills further. It helps me improve a lot both in my grammar and writing style. Now, for me, is not only a part time job but also a great learning opportunity; because the more I write, the more I learn and improve.

Generally, it is a great opportunity for office workers like me- not only because of the earnings but also because of the lessons I am continually receiving. That is why I always refer this job to my friends and acquaintances for them to also experience what I’m currently enjoying.


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