How Freelancers Can Manage Time Well


If there’s one common dilemma among freelancers, it would be the failure to manage time effectively. I have been freelancing for over a year now and I have basically learned the things to avoid in order to get my time maximized.

Here are some tips on how to avoid wasting your precious time and managing it better:

  1. Log-out in social media- Whether we like it or not, it will always be tempting to scroll down endlessly on the Facebook newsfeed or linger pointlessly in any other social media sites. Even though we do not intend to waste our time there, it just seems to be an instinctual urge to take a sneak peak at the lives of your friends and other digital connections. Thus, it would be hard to get your task done if you voluntarily open the opportunity of unnecessary distractions. Whenever I get tired of writing thousands of words, I take a short break and unplug briefly by switching tabs. However, I do self-management by giving myself a 10- minute time limit. Freelancing can be a challenge since you don’t have a boss to tell you to stop Facebooking or 9- gagging. Thus, it takes a lot of self- discipline in order to get every minute maximized. The best means is simply to log it off and focus on the task.
  1. Schedule your day- It’s so easy for Freelancers to let a day pass without having done anything with their tasks (especially if the deadline is still far off). This is not an ideal habit because everybody should understand that every minute is convertible to cash. The faster you complete a task, the earlier it would be for you to work on another; thus, the more cash you’ll gain in the end. It’s not like you’re too fond of money that you’ll burn yourself out to have it. The thing is, maximizing the opportunity to earn as much as you can with freelancing could be the key to get you closer to your personal goals—whatever it is.  And this could start by not failing to schedule the day.I always take time into consideration. I always believe that every minute can do wonders. Wasting time isn’t exactly my thing. When I started working at, I made it a habit to set hourly alarm and I regularly allocate 5-6 hours for writing, 2-3 hours for editing, and the rest of the time with project management and learning more about my chosen niche (article writing and SEO). Within 6 hours, I can complete around 10-15 500-word articles (depending on the complexity of the topic). There are a lot of types of writers, and I must say I belong to the ones who write in a fast pace to avoid breakage of momentum and thought flow. At the end of the day, I feel happy knowing that I’m able to do more with the 24 hours I have. So the rule is kind of simple: Get yourself productive today and focus on things that matter.
  1. Set yourself a quota– Since you do not have a fixed income in freelancing, you can earn your desired income by setting a daily, weekly, or monthly quota. Anticipate how many tasks you need to cover daily to earn the set quota bulls-eye. However, in order to acquire unlimited tasks from the client, you have to prove your worth by making sure your writing style is worth the read. Make setting a quota and perfecting your writing as a habit so it can be part of your system. Once you get used to this routine of earning your desired income as well as continually improving your skill, everything else will fall into default.
  2. Give your best shot for every project you make– You do not want to spend additional time doing revisions, so better give your best shot upon the initial processing of a task. If you resort to submitting a mediocre type of work, chances are the quality analyst or the client will just return your output and you’ll just end up consuming more time than necessary. So why not just give your all in the first place? After all, everything worth doing is worth doing well.
  3. Know why it’s worth your time- Right now, working as one of the core members of, I make it a point to maximize every minute of my time in building the organization. has so much potential. It is designed to help talented freelancers earn from their skill and it helps clients get their project done the most efficient way possible. I believe that this organization will be huge. I believe that along the way, more and more people will benefit if I devote myself to helping this grow. Thus, even if it takes me multitasking (writing, editing, project managing), I feel happy knowing that my time is used in making a difference.

There are a lot of ways to maximize your time. For as long you’re willing to make freelancing your chief income source and main channel to practice your passion, you can definitely have a default sense of urge to willingly devote your time to nail it.

If you’re a freelancer like me, do share some of your time management secrets and let’s help the rest of our co-freelancers bring the most out of their potentials. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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