Breaking the Norm: How I Became My Own Boss | Member’s Testimonial


The normal working setting of the world today is to go to an establishment, an office or a school, to work. The employee must follow every command from the person with higher position. One must work on a fixed schedule and rely on fixed salary. An employee’s thought is not valued and often goes unheard. Being  a thinker and having a free spirit, this could not work for me.

Luckily, with the advent of technology, other working settings have started to pop out. Internet has now opened new portals for people to earn without having to work for someone else’s convenience. Freelance writing is one of these.

So, how does one start becoming a freelance writer? It seems too difficult to start something without having a sound ground you can stand on. offers new and old freelancers a trustworthy place where they can have a good freelancing experience. First-hand experience showed me the perks of working with this team.

  1. I am my own master. With freelance writing, you can work at home, in your own time and convenience. You can manage your own project and you don’t have to account for anybody except yourself and the client. Moreover, the effort you put into writing will be compensated with the right monetary value.
  2. Work with utmost convenience. Since I basically work at home, I can work with ease. I need not worry of the traffic and polluted air. I need not worry about what to wear to appease the standard of a company. Finally, I need not worry about the time wasted in travelling from one place to another.
  3. There’s continuous learning. There is always something new you can learn from freelancing; be it in character development, writing stylistics, or time management. Some of these things are essential for a person to succeed in life. One can grow in
  4. I connect with other writers, too. This is the fun part. Since I need to deal with other writers from different countries, I come to learn about their own story and culture. It’s wonderful how you can connect with people from all over the world without even seeing them.
  5. It offers a stress-free environment. Ever since I’ve worked with, I’ve never been under stress.  I work for on weekdays and study for my Masters on Saturdays. Moreover, it has been so easy to balance my time between the two.  

In order to be contented and happy, one must carefully choose the path they tread on. When you find a place that you can work with ease, you’ll know that it’s the perfect environment for you. For me, that perfect environment is


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