Best Part-time Job for University Students | Member’s Testimonial

Dem Lagunzad

Many part-time jobs arise in urban cities, from global telecommunication to online work. As a student, I was enticed to enter and delve into this aspiring endeavor of self-reliance and financial independence thru having my very first employment experience.


Like most students with inadequate and insufficient resources, the thought of wanting a part-time job was easy, but searching for the right opportunity is easier said than done. Finding a job that would fit my university class schedule is rather a major obstacle. Looking for a more convenient, home-based online work is also somewhat difficult. Nowadays, there are lots of hoaxes in working online with numerous deceitful clients.


I knew the risk, but I took a leap of faith on freelancing. As formerly said, it was a tough process, especially in finding and determining the best team to work with. Looking for a good job is truly a persevering and exhausting procedure. Gratefully, I found If there are three adjectives to describe this team, these would be the following:



Smooth and open communication is a vital element in building an ideal team. It is one significant aspect in strengthening an individual’s motivation. This organization has that. Whenever I have queries about a certain job, someone will readily assist me.



Their enterprise presents thorough organization and coherence. Everything is done systematically.



After two months of working with the team, I’ve proven that the organization is the best place for me to learn more and to carve my writing skill. Ideally, a team should be an inspiring and educating place. Having a job isn’t always about the salary; it all gets back on the core of experience and the relationship you’re forming with your fellow workers and seniors, which this team also strongly emboldens.

I’m more than privileged to be part of For a student like me, this opportunity is definitely priceless.  

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