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nevelle July


Freelance writing is probably the best part-time job, especially for a college student like me. As many of you may know, college can be pretty tiring and exhausting. It’s closed to “hell” as what my seatmate would call it. Even a laid-back person would badly be driven crazy in no time. With all the pressure college brings (e.g. thesis and field study), it’s almost impossible for a student to handle a job. Taskmaster.io has given me a chance to make that possible. They say there’s no job that doesn’t stress, pressure, or frustrate you. Taskmasters.io is different. Here, I can work whenever I want to (and need to). I don’t have to adjust my important class schedules and school hours for my work. At taskmaster.io, I can pay attention to my school errands and focus on my writing job at the same time. Being a freelance writer is really cool. Here are more of the great things about it:


Encourages time management

One of the coolest things about being a freelance writer is that it teaches you how to master the art of multitasking. Time management has always been a common problem for many freelance writers (for all people actually). Of course, we’re more used to scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed than encoding thoughts from our brain. The moment we face the computer is the moment we welcome temptations and distractions. This actually happened to me during my first months in freelance writing. In fact, I’m still working on totally fixing it! Completely forgetting about the temptations social media sites bring might actually be rather a challenge. But really, being a freelance writer has taught me how to use my time more on productive stuff and less on those that are not.


Increases sense of productivity

One of the best things for me as a freelance writer is probably the feeling of being productive, knowing that another day of life has been spent wisely. Before I started writing online, I spent every weekend stalking my crush on Facebook or watching the latest episodes of my favorite anime. Then I would end up sleeping late, regretting how unproductive I spent my day again. Now, I wake up with goals in mind and sleep with a genuine sense of satisfaction.


Keeps you on track

Being a freelance writer also keeps you focused on your goals, like saving money for the matte lipstick you saw at the beauty store last Wednesday or simply setting aside some cash in case of emergency. Yep, those are only short-term goals, but you can also achieve long-term goals, too. In my age, being independent is important. Earning for my own tuition fee and school allowance is the first step of being one.


Less stress

Unlike any other jobs, freelance writing gives you less stress and pressure. The organized system of Taskmasters.io, in particular, makes everything a lot easier. You simply grab a project you want and work on it. Instructions are fully detailed, so there is less confusion on the tasks. In times when further clarifications are needed, the taskmasters and editors are readily available and willing to entertain questions.


Helps you grow as a whole

Taskmasters.io not just develops your writing skills. It can help you grow as a whole, as well. For me, writing isn’t just a job. It has been a form of recreation, too. It has been my way of forgetting about all the negativities and focusing on what I take pleasure from—forming a better me.



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