6 Secrets to Do Self-Motivation


Having full motivation is something very hard to attain. In fact, it rarely comes to us. We only get motivated over something that interests us, inspires us, or aggravates us. These things majorly come from external environment. And we all know that external circumstances are always out of our control. Thus, there is a need to extract motivation without being dependent on the existing circumstances around. Somehow, each of us must know how to do self- motivation in order to keep a dynamic and moving pace.

When people get demotivated, the chances are they will stop what they’ve been doing, go back to their shell, and succumb to the negative possibilities around. When negativity consumes us, our visions that used to be vivid will start to get distorted and muddled. To avoid all these from happening, here are the things that you can do to keep yourself wrapped with blazing motivation.

  1. Be positively paranoid– Embracing this trait will enable you to see the positive light of every miserable situation. When you stumble, think how lucky you are for not getting wounded. When you get wounded, think of how lucky you are for not having a major injury. When you’re injured, think of how lucky you are of being alive. Instead of hating life for being harsh to you, thank it for giving you opportunities to be even stronger and even bolder.
  1. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost; focus on what remains– People tend to give up the bulk of their life for the loss of a minor piece. Remember, do not give up 90% of what you have for the 10% that is missing. Always be grateful of the existing blessings you have, and move on quickly if you’ve lost a minor chunk. You’ll just lose more if you allow yourself to be affected by a minute distraction.
  1. Watch inspirational Materials- You can watch videos of those successful people who have passed through the toughest times. You can draw inspiration from every successful person because they can never get to the top without having encountered all the stones and boulders thrown by life. You can also read good materials that can uplift your spirit and get you back to your usual excited state.
  1. Take a Break- There are a lot of reasons why people get disappointed. It can be because of a failed expectation, an unreached goal, or an unexpected trouble. It’s very normal to be distressed, so to get rid of being totally depressed, try to unplug and focus your thinking to something else. If you don’t, you might fall into the trap of negatively over thinking. Take a break, do what you feel can make you better, and try to escape from reality for a little while. By doing this, you can most likely have a better perspective of organizing things again.
  1. Pray and Meditate- When you pray, you are talking to God. When you meditate, God is speaking to you. Praying is a way of expressing both your gratifications and sorrows. By verbally or mentally conveying your thoughts, it would eventually make you feel better and relieved. Somehow, a favorable stream of thoughts will come to you in due course. This will make you come up with better solutions and wiser workaround.
  1. Keep your eyes on the goal- Upon starting a career or a business, initial excitement will sprout. This excitement will die down along the way due to certain cases that are utterly inevitable. However, no matter how great the barrier is, do not allow anything to block your way. Get your eyes on the goal and cross all rocky paths to reach it.

Self-motivation is a powerful matter. If you can master the art of self- motivation, you can easily achieve your goals. Seize your passion and never let go of it. Sustain the optimism since it can undoubtedly fuel your success.

These are some basic tips on how to do self-motivation, what’s yours? We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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